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BWC Photo Imaging

In the highly competitive photo industry, most photo labs push their teams to deliver an increasing number of photo-related trinkets, gadgets and, gizmos, and print types; often substituting press printed prints for photo quality. This approach is usually done with a “cheaper and faster” mentality to meet the growing demands of the new low-price growth market, which includes: photographers new to the business, prosumers, and consumers.

In sharp contrast to this trend, Lou George has taken BWC in a different direction. Under Lou’s leadership since 1975, her team has consistently directed their energy into:

- Making spectacular prints on a consistent basis, with timely turnaround

- Providing print services not readily available from other lab

- Offering the highest possible level of customer support and becoming a “trusted advisor”

The results of this strategy are evident in BWC’s customer base where a high percentage of happy customers have had their prints made at BWC for ten, twenty, and even thirty or more years. These customers include world-class photographers like David and Luke Edmonson, Richard Sturdevant, Maria Bernal, Gail Nogle, Author Rainville, Sandra Pearce, and Sandra Fullgraf-- and many, many other professional photographers.

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