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Light Up the Place - Colby McLemore

  • February 07, 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Nuvo Room - 4241 Sigma Rd. Dallas TX 75244


  • First-Time Visitors and paid members pending approval, please email for the registration code.

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Colby McLemore

Light Up the Place!

Join us to learn basic architectural lighting with Colby McLemore, as he shares how to make magic with limited gear. He is known for his award winning commercial and architectural photography.

Interested in expanding your photography services? Thinking about dipping your toe into the commercial side of things? This is the presentation for you! We’ll be talking about the business side of residential housing photography. We also have an all-day workshop the day following the presentation if you’d like to know how to shoot this genre and go even deeper into the sales side. It will be an information-packed presentation on the state of the market, how to get into the door, pitfalls to consider, client pain points, and some industry-specific marketing ideas. In other words, everything that is so important that it actually leads to a job. Bring something to take notes on, and don’t blink your eyes for this one.

Colby McLemore is the owner and visual storyteller of Colby’s Photos & Videos. He is a full-time professional whose work revolves around advertising photography and videography for businesses and individuals. You can find him in his downtown Knoxville, Tennessee, studio if he isn't on-site at a job. If you are ever in East Tennessee, please reach out. He’d love to show you the studio and our lovely city.

Colby started doing architectural photography in his twenties. This was back in the days of film and getting aerial photos by having your cameras swinging on a tall painter’s pole (and yes, gravity sucks). He started photographing for realtors, graduated from rental cabin companies in the Smokies, and is now primarily photographing for hotels, resorts, architects, and businesses who want images for their marketing. 

He has also earned Craftsman, CPP, and Certified Drone Photographer certifications. He loves letters behind his name and is trying to get a few more. Colby has won more awards than he feels he deserves but fewer than many others in the industry. He was in the Top Ten of the Grand Imaging Award in the commercial category. He’s earned a Gold Triangle, an ASP State Award, Fuji Award, Kodak Award, and all the cool ones at his local and state affiliates.

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Social Hour begins at 6:00pm and meeting at 7:00pm.


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