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SOLD OUT! February: Cris Duncan - The Art and Science of Light

  • February 12, 2013
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Addison Artisan's Center 5100 Belt Line Rd. suite 400, Dallas, TX, 75254


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  • We offer the member rate to members of other PPA guilds. Thank you for being our guest!

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  • Please email for discount code.
  • You must register 6 days before the meeting in order to have a meal as we have to have a head count to the caterer.
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!!!!!!!We are sorry there are no more seats!!!!!The Art and Science of Light

Cris Duncan

 Lighting is by far the most important ingredient  in creating an image, it is the key to photography. Light defines the subject. Light will show or remove texture. It has the power to direct a viewer, evoke an emotion and tell a story. Light is the basis for life and the heart of a photograph. Knowing how to and use light to set the tone for your image is an art, an art that takes years to master and only moments to appreciate.

On the other hand, light is also a science. We are ruled by physics. The two must be used together. Photography is about the     

“Art and Science of Lighting”. 

In this program, the fundamentals of light, any light, will be demonstrated and explained  in both studio and location settings.

Cris will your guide sharing practical, pertinent and positive ideas to propel your business forward. You will learn what light will do in any given situation. Strobe, ambient, daylight, portable light, off-camera flash and more. It does not matter the source of the light as long as you understand the physics of the light and its properties--You will know and understand that in this presentation. LIVE! Not geared to one particular discipline, but rather for a working pro who has to shoot a variety of subjects. We will discuss lighting for portrait, wedding, product, architecture and more. 

The best part of photography, at least in my opinion is being able to manipulate reality while still keeping it real. An artist can create any fantasy he or she desires with the brush, but photographers must do that with light and shadow alone. The challenge, creativity and technical science of our craft is what keeps me passionate for the next.  

It does not matter what you shoot or your market level. This program is designed to give the tools you need along with the confidence to apply them to your everyday life. Whether you are needing to rekindle the love you have for photography, learn a few new skills or just have fun doing what you love, than this is the seminar you do not want to miss. 



Cris and Deanna Duncan operate CjDuncan Photography, a high-end portrait, wedding and commercial studio in Lubbock, TX. 

Cris and Deanna truly wants what is best for this profession and that is why he strives to simply teach Photography. Cris’s  goal, or mission statement is simple:


"To empower photographers with a sense of purpose, inspiration and passion all while supplying practical applications for their craft, business and life."


Simply stated, let’s talk photography. 


Cj Duncan Photography has flourished for over 10 years in a competitive market and continue to be regarded as one of the top studios in Texas. Cris is a Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer and a Photographic Craftsman.  Since turning pro in 2002, he has photographed Presidents, Vice Presidents, dignitaries and countless others. Cris has worked for such companies as Frito-Lay and Bayer CropScience and been honored to photograph numerous weddings, portraits and commercial assignments of great people all over this land. Cris is the recipient of several awards and honors including PPA Photographer of the Year, a Texas Top 10 Photographer. Garnered with best portrait, wedding and commercial trophies from both TPPA and SWPPA, Cris and Deanna have become respected educators and leaders in the photographic community.   He is the Past President of the SPPPA and founder of Find your Focus photographic education.


Cris and Deanna teach and lead their classes with an honest and transparent style. They believe in a “No Secrets” approach. We believe that we are in the best profession on the planet and want every one of you to succeed and make our industry better and stronger.


Meeting only – $15
Dinner & Meeting – $25

Meeting only – $25
Dinner & Meeting – $40

Dinner Reservations Required – Respond by midnight Thursday February 7th so that we may notify the Caterer of the number of meals required.

This meal will be catered by Outback Steak House. Dinner will be 6 oz sirloin, Ceasar Salad with bread and a baked potato.

Don't for get to add wine to your reservation if you wish to have a glass of wine.

If you do not have a dinner reservation, you may not be able to eat. Arrivals after 7:00 p.m. cannot be promised dinner.

Thank you.

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